Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy Busy Month

So February is a very busy Month for us. Our anniversary is the 5th and this year we celebrated 11 years! Of course with everything the kids are involved with and Jordyn's birthday being so close, we find it hard to get away for more than a few days. We desperately tried to book a trip to Florida this year, but not wanting to miss any basketball, volleyball, or dance we settled on Salt Lake City. Luckily you don't have to leave the state to have a great time with your husband. Thanks to Doug and Jen, we escaped from the kids for a couple of days and basically enjoyed being alone. Of course we went to Rodizios for dinner (our favorite) one night and tried the Melting Pot the other. We also got to go to a movie at the Jordan Commons which I am completely obsessed with because I can eat a crepe while watching a movie. Keith bought me an IPad and we relaxed in the room and slept in every day. When we got home he bought me these beautiful floweres (which I should have taken a picture of bef
ore they started to droop) He is too good to me!
Next we celebrated Jordyn's 9th Birthday. She had a fondue party and sleepover with a few friends. She also wanted to have an American Girl Movie Marathon, but they only made it thru two movies lol.
Most of our family was out of town on Jord's actual Birthday, but we made this big cake, so we decided to have friends over again. After Friends parties, Family parties, school parties, and Extra Family parties ( we had to celebrate before Grandma & Grandpa left on their cruise), Jordyn got an entire week of celebrating her:)
Jace bought Jordyn Kanani's dog (her new American Girl Doll). He was so excited, he could hardly stand it!
Next we have Valentines Day. Always busy making Valentines, treats, and Boxes!

Jordyn wanted cake balls this year. They were actually really fun to make, and very yummy!
Jarett's Monster truck!
Jordyn's Surf Board!
Next Week is Jen's Baby Shower, and the week after that Jordyn's first Dance Competition this year. Never a dull moment at our house in February!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

October in a Nutshell!

October was a very crazy month for us. It started out on the 1st with a trip to Disney World with all of Keith's family. Luckily our overall trip didn't reflect the first few hours. We got on the plane only to find out that they had overbooked and everyone was in different seat. Keith was in the very front. Jarett a couple rows behind him. Jordyn in the middle, and Jace and I in the very back (luckily we had at least two seats together). Jord was a little skeptical about sitting by herself, so I nicely asked the man sitting by us if he would trade her. His reply was "No, I want a window seat." I told her no luck and the sweet little lady beside her said, "Don't worry I'll take care of her." Thank goodness for KIND people in this world. She did great, and even ended up getting the ladies address, so they could be pen pals. On the plane ride I couldn't get my new SD card to work in my camara, so I called Keith's sister who was already in Florida and asked her to pick one up for me. They met us as we arrived at the resort and once again the SD card she bought wouldn't work in my camara. I'm now $80 into SD cards that won't work. When Karah arrives, she informs me that I had bought (twice) SDHC cards and they won't work in cannons. I went into the gift shop at our resort and paid $60 dollars for a smaller SD card, put it into my camara, and guess what? It didn't work! I had accidentally bought another SDHC card. I went back in and bought the only SD card they had which was even smaller for another $40. So $140 later, I was ready to document our trip! Luckily the rest of our trip was fabulous! (at least for our family) We opened up the parks, and shut them down at night. We are all about sleeping when we get home. Unfortunately Keith's two brothers, and his mom were not as lucky as us. They ended up with the flu and spent almost 4 days in their rooms.

Grandma, and all her grandkids
(except a couple sleeping babies, and Jace)
Everybody except Steven's family (they got the worst of the flu:(
Viking Keith & Viking Jace in Norway
Rikki's Bday at Epcot
Of course after eating in the castle
with all the princesses, we had to find a tough boy picture!
Keith and the Kids at the Mickey's Not-SO-Scary Halloween party!

We got home from Disney World on the 11th, did a load of laundry and headed up North.
Thursday night, my mom and I went the Witchapalooza in Gardner Village. Friday night we hit Frightmares at Lagoon, then Sat. we went to Thriller!
Mom & I at Witchapalooza
Jarett & Jordyn trying to act not scared before we went into Thriller
The whole Fam (except Jace) @ Thriller

The next weekend, Jen and Doug came down for the Primary Program, and we had our Halloween dinner with Dead Man's Corpse, Monster toes, Ghostly Potatoes, Pig Snout,Salty Bones, Witches Brew, and finished it off with a little Kitty Litter Cake.

The next week was filled with Class parties, Halloween Carnivals, Volleyball & Football games, and of course Trick-OR-Treating. Needless to say, I still have not completely unpacked our suitcases from Disney World!
Jace's First school party!
Indiana Jones
Luigi, and The Witch!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

45 Bags Of Popcorn!

Ok, I know I'm going backwards again, but this was one of my Shining-Happy to be a Parent moments (You'll understand at the end of the post), so I had to document it.
Every year for the last 4 years, we have a Back To School Outdoor Movie Party! The kids each get to invite their friends, and it is so much fun! This year we ended up with 45 Kids in our backyard which was a little chaotic (we might have to down size next year), but everyone had a great time!

45 bags of popcorn @ 1.5 min. each = 1hour & 8 Min.
Popcorn prep time
After 2 weeks of discussing (and fighting) over which movie to show.
Jarett & Jordyn finally decided on Fury Vengence. It was a hit!

Jordyn wanted a popcorn station like they have at the movie theaters (not ours of course), so we bought 8 different pour on flavors for the kids to create their own popcorn. Surprisingly the favorite was Jalapeno!

Waiting for everyone to show up.

Ok, heres my proud moment! The next day, Jordyn brought me breakfast in bed. She said that I was the Best Mom Ever! Whoohoo! It's great when you can see that your efforts are appreciated.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Baby is not a Baby any more!

I know his birthday was in July, but better late then never right? My baby is 4 years old. I can't believe how time flies. This year he wanted his picture taken in his cowboy clothes. They turned out so cute. Jace loves cowboys and horses (too bad I am so allergic). He carries his Woody (from Toy Story) around all day long and rides on his stick horse. He loves his boots and especially thinks his new spurs are cool (Thanks Aunt Karah!) Maybe someday he'll actually get to ride a real horse.

I just can't get enough of him. I think he is so stinkin cute!!!!

So For Jace's Birthday this year, he couldn't decide between Lightning McQueen, or Toy Story. After lot's of thought and many days of changing his mind, we decided to compromise and do both. For his friends party we did Toy Story Cupcakes (unfortunately my camara died so I don't have any pictures). For his Family party we made a Lightning McQeen cake.
We made it easier on ourselves this year and just went to Pizza Hut!

Jace and Grandma

Jace had to give everybody a hug after he opened their present

Jace Showing Grandpa how to play his new DS

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School..........Finally!

Because of the new school being built, we had 5 extra weeks of summer this year. For the most part we loved it, but the last week (and all the slumber parties my kids felt like they had to get in) totally kicked my butt. I was ready for school to start today! Keith gave each one of the kids a Father's blessing the night before, and Jace was excited to be a part of all of it. I've never seen him so quiet during a prayer. I can't believe all my kids are in school. Now what am I going to tell my mom when she gets after me for having a messy house?
Jordyn Sporting her new Taylor Swift boots!
Jarett said he would wear a nice shirt today so he could make a good impression on his teacher, but then he was going back to his t-shirts:)
Jace couldn't wait for his 1st day.
He didn't even fight me on taking a shower, and brushing his teeth.
This is Jace's new buddy!
He invited him to our house after school, and I just couldn't tell him no. They were just way too excited!!
Jordyn and Jarett were so excited to ride the bus this year. They both had back packs completely full, plus another huge bag of stuff they had to take to school (apparantly our tax dollars don't cover stuff like copy paper). I tried to get them to let me take them today, and help them cary it in, but they were set on the bus ride. Jordyn could barely make it up the steps because her stuff was so heavy. It was pretty funny!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Utah Valley 5K

So after trying numerous times to fill a team for the Moab Mountain Relay, we all (my family) decided to find something a little simpler. Jen found the Utah Valley Marathon which offered a 5K and we all ran it.

Dusty, Ashley, Jen, & Doug took off and left the rest of us. Dusty and Ashley finished in 30 min. Ashley had Keith's time chip so she could turn it in for him since he decided to stay at the hotel with Jace after a long night, therefore Keith (being in the Clydesdale division) took 3rd place and qualified for the Boston Marathon.
My camara ran out of batteries, so I didn't get a picture of Dusty and Ashley
What a great family experience. Hopefully we can improve our times and compete in the future!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Jordyn took a 4-H sewing class and loved it. After conquering a pillow case, she decided she needed more of a challenge and wanted to make some doll clothes for the 4th of July. Of course she got bored after the first hour (since I am no seemstress, and had a hard time figuring out how to read a pattern) and I got to finish the project.


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