Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy Busy Month

So February is a very busy Month for us. Our anniversary is the 5th and this year we celebrated 11 years! Of course with everything the kids are involved with and Jordyn's birthday being so close, we find it hard to get away for more than a few days. We desperately tried to book a trip to Florida this year, but not wanting to miss any basketball, volleyball, or dance we settled on Salt Lake City. Luckily you don't have to leave the state to have a great time with your husband. Thanks to Doug and Jen, we escaped from the kids for a couple of days and basically enjoyed being alone. Of course we went to Rodizios for dinner (our favorite) one night and tried the Melting Pot the other. We also got to go to a movie at the Jordan Commons which I am completely obsessed with because I can eat a crepe while watching a movie. Keith bought me an IPad and we relaxed in the room and slept in every day. When we got home he bought me these beautiful floweres (which I should have taken a picture of bef
ore they started to droop) He is too good to me!
Next we celebrated Jordyn's 9th Birthday. She had a fondue party and sleepover with a few friends. She also wanted to have an American Girl Movie Marathon, but they only made it thru two movies lol.
Most of our family was out of town on Jord's actual Birthday, but we made this big cake, so we decided to have friends over again. After Friends parties, Family parties, school parties, and Extra Family parties ( we had to celebrate before Grandma & Grandpa left on their cruise), Jordyn got an entire week of celebrating her:)
Jace bought Jordyn Kanani's dog (her new American Girl Doll). He was so excited, he could hardly stand it!
Next we have Valentines Day. Always busy making Valentines, treats, and Boxes!

Jordyn wanted cake balls this year. They were actually really fun to make, and very yummy!
Jarett's Monster truck!
Jordyn's Surf Board!
Next Week is Jen's Baby Shower, and the week after that Jordyn's first Dance Competition this year. Never a dull moment at our house in February!

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  1. Love the picture of Jace watching Jord open her present. He's so sweet. When they were staying here he decided he didn't need a toy and started picking out stuff he thought Van would like. What a good cousin :)

    They are all growing up super fast. Excited to see you guys soon!



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